Coming Soon

I am currently still working on the workshop and hope to have it finished sometime over the next two weeks. The workshop will be broken up into two sections, first a Technical Background Presentation and then a KiCAD Tutorial Presentation + Workshop.

Topics to be covered in the Technical Background Presentation include:

  • Electronic Design Background
  • PCB Introduction
  • Composition
  • Terminology
  • Components
  • Development Tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Tips and Tricks

Topics to be covered in the KiCAD Tutorial Presentation include:

  • KiCAD Overview
  • Eeschema - Schematic Capture
  • Schematic Library
  • PcbNew – Layout Editor
  • Footprint Library
  • Live Demo

The planned workshop will happen after the KiCAD Presentation in which attendees will be able to download files from GitHub and choose a design to create from start to finish. There will be a few options to choose from with each with varying difficulties. At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to upload their work to GitHub for review. By the end, the attendees should have a design that is ready to send off for manufacturing if desired.