Pixel Match


A classic match 3 puzzle game. Currently still in early development. This release of the game is just to show off the engine of the game.

Screen Shots

How To Play


Try to match 3 or more gems in a row by clicking on a gem and swaping it with a nearby one. You must clear all the dark greyed tiles to win the level and this can be accomplished by matching gems over them. The locked gems cannot move until you match 3 of the same gem in a row with one of the locked ones being one of them. You can earn coins to use special moves by matching 4 in a row for 1 coin and 5 in a row for 3 coins. Try and finish the level fast to achieve a 3 star rating.

Power Ups:

Hammer - Click on any sqaure with it to destroy that gem.

Bomb - Click on any sqaure to created a small rounded explosion.

Cross - Click on any sqaure to create a cross explosion.

Stop Watch - Turns back time by 30 seconds.


Left Click - Select and swap gems/Pick and use special moves.

Right Click - Deselect gem.

P - Pause and Unpause the game.

M - Launch fullscreen.



Latest Release:

Pixel Match BETA V.2  
Pixel Match BETA  

NOTE: Java must be installed on your computer to play. You can download it for free here

Change Log

BETA - Initial Release